Fincite saves your time because of its smart design. On one hand it is plain and simple, like an app. However, the longer you work with it, the more you’ll discover its versatility and rich functionality. Functionality that is 100% focused on how business controllers like to do their work. No hassle, low maintenance, transparent. Because we believe technology should help instead of being a nuisance.

Fincite saves your valuable time, as it is both simple and versatile. Some examples are:

No installation or IT department required, start from the cloud right away
Compatible with all ‘evergreen’ browsers
Unlimited number of maps

Unsurpassed functionality
No restrictions to any cost flow structures, including circular ones
Add revenues, and Fincite will show margins as well
Multi user: work with a map simultaneously with more team members

Cost per customer, service, transaction, country, distribution channel, etc.
Easy comparison of multiple maps
Map business cases and follow the actuals of business scenarios

Two factor authentication
Role based access
Full encryption of data

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