Your financial map

The Fincite financial map shows in a dynamic flow diagram how costs flow through your organization. From ledger via all operational processes to your customers. At each step and at every department, it provides unit prices and volumes (PxQ). In the diagram you will also see the proportion of each department in the cost breakdown of your product/services and your clients.

On your way with the financial map

In daily life, roadmaps are used for multiple things. One chooses a destination, or one plans an itinerary, or, while traveling, checks whether he/she is on track and how to change course if necessary. With the Fincite financial map it is exactly like that.

1. Destination
First of all, with Fincite you can create a map for a future situation, a business scenario. On the map you will find the financial impact of the decision you would like to take. Impact for the total costs, but for volumes and unit prices per department as well. Or for product or client profitability.

2. Plan
With Fincite you can calculate, discuss and plan budgets based on PxQ. This will not only give guidance to a line manager on what he/she may spend, but also what unit prices you expect, even when quantities vary.

3. Adjust
Down the year, for each department Fincite shows costs, unit prices and volume actuals compared to budget. You will have detailed insight where there are differences and why. For example, market circumstances may have changed. New clients, fierce competition, changing regulation….

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