Analyze the contribution margin of each of your clients

Point out the cost structure of products and services

Understand the real impact of a business scenario

Fincite: how Business Control is meant to be

Analyse the impact of a business scenario

Point out the cost structure of products and services

Get the contribution margin of each of your clients

The map of the financial professional

Fincite is the map of the financial professional. On your map, you see how costs flow through the organization’s operational processes. From the ledger to your customers. At every junction, it shows total costs, unit prices and volumes of each step and each department (PxQ). For budgets, actuals and business scenarios. And that is information your business might be waiting for.

It is just like in ordinary life. With a map, you may choose your destination, plan your itinerary, or, while traveling, check whether you are on track and how to change course if necessary. 

This is why financial professionals use Fincite

You have finally found an instrument that suits you perfectly. And that’s because Fincite is nothing like classic tooling. It much more feels like an app, but a very smart one. So, there is no long and expensive IT project required to use it. There are no high consultancy invoices in your inbox. No complex user interfaces, no extensive education. Read more…

Financial professionals want robust solutions. The numbers in the financial map should not only be 100% correct, but they have to fully consolidate into the source as well. In Fincite you browse the map in a few mouse clicks, for instance starting at the cost breakdown of a product back to the general ledger. And on your way, you will see Fincite taking the intersections exactly according to your instructions. Read more…

Fincite saves your time because of its smart design. On one hand it is plain and simple. However, the longer you work with it, the more you’ll discover that it is made by financial professionals for financial professionals. They understand technology should help you instead of being a nuisance. Read more…

This is what our clients say

"We have detailed financial insight now. Our operational and commercial management process is brought to the next level. Fincite has been key in this growth."
Kor Bosscher
"We now know the costs of our services and therefore whether they will add value. In addition, we have a much better understanding where we can save costs."
Leon Hamers
Control AZL

“With Fincite, it only took two weeks to make a complete and comprehensive map of the financial flows. With this we have additional insight in and control over the margin per client and the underlying cost structures per department.”

Some of our clients

Our partners help making your map

Over 100 inspired Improven consultants help to enhance or renew processes and information management of complex organizations with our focus on Finance, IT and Risk. read more

Anderson MacGyver’s mission is to support their customers in their transformation to the digital future. read more

Eraneos supports enterprises in designing and operationalizing their digital transformation. read more

Frequently asked questions

The financial map provides you with all costs, split in quantities and unit prices, for every step and/or every department in your organization. You will also see where these costs come from and how you can control them. This makes Fincite unique.

Building on some of your source data files, a Fincite professional will be able to make your first financial map in a couple of weeks, depending on scope and complexity.

From the very start your financial map you will show how your costs flow through your organization. While working, you can add more and more detail to it. In short iterations, you zoom in, add data and improve the map.

Yes, you may add revenue data, so the map will show margins per client or per product/service.

No, none whatsoever. Cost may flow as you want, without any restrictions. They can go to any other activity or department. Consequently, the map is an exact representation of the cost flows in your organization and therefore the numbers are correct.

No. Fincite is an add-on. Fincite uses data from your systems to produce your financial map.

We understand. Our take is very simple: you use Fincite on a monthly basis. If you would like to stop, you download your map and quit.

Fincite complies with the highest security standards and is kept up-to-date all the time. It is therefore that large and reputable organizations, nationally and internationally, trust their data to Fincite.

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Fincite is a financial map, displaying graphically how the organization’s costs are assigned to activities, departments, products and services, locations and/or clients.

Fincite is used by well-known organizations in various branches.